Welcome to Objectùm-Sexuality Internationale! 

This international website about objectùm-sexuality, (widely known as Objektophilie in Germany), is designed to offer a support network for objectùm-sexuals (Objektophile) and education for friends and family about objectùm-sexuality (Objektophil), and insight into our way of accepting, living, and adapting as individuals who are in love with objects. 

The internet offers amazing resources to make connections with others; old classmates, lost family members, and like-minded individuals. 

Eija-Riitta Eklöf (1954 - 2015) from North Sweden took a chance in the trenches of the internet and braved hoards of criticism from faceless critics on the internet in an effort to find others like her: people who love objects... objectům-sexuals... aka OS people, also known as objectophiles...  objectùm-sexuals... aka OS people, also known as objectophiles.

Eija-Riitta found Erika Eiffel who became her best friend, her sister and family and together with Oliver Arndt from Germany they built the largest network of objectum-sexual people from different countries.   

This website is not meant to change the minds of people… We are not looking for a following, rather a reckoning of other objectum-sexuals so we may provide support, realization, and hope to one another.  Thank you for opening your mind and looking over the Fence.










NOTICE: OS Internationale does NOT sanction the 2008 UK film "Married to the Eiffel Tower" (Landmark Sex). 

The film is firmly denounced by the objectum-sexual community for its exploitative and sensationalized take on OS.